Afropreneuses Summit

April 13th 2019 • Paris

They share their knowledge, they tell their stories, as women, as entrepreneurs, as black women entrepreneurs


Program of the day

They share their knowledge, they tell their stories, as women, as entrepreneurs, as black women entrepreneurs

9h00: Welcome Home Sis

Reception of the participants, delivery of the gift bags and warm up

9h:30: Talk 1: Career in a world of old white men.

This year, we bring in an exceptional woman who has risen through the ranks of a multinational. She will tell us her story and share her advice with ambitious women who want a career. Conference & Tips from our guest

11:00 am: Talk 2 Financing your growth

Financing the growth of our company is one of the most difficult challenges for Afropreneuses. The one who has won the fundraising challenge and grown her business will tell us her story and share her tips for getting started, developing and lasting in business.

12:30: Women of power Lunch

Lunch at the inspiring women's table and expand your network

14:30: Talk 3: Born Again

The journey of a woman, professional or personal is never linear. My guest will come specially from the United States to tell us how she knew how to deconstruct everything to rebuild

16:00: Talk 4: Be the woman you want to be

During this 2-hour conference, I will return to my professional and personal career as an entrepreneur, mom, wife and single and share, in an open-minded conversation with the participants, my advice to become the woman you want be.

18:00 end of festivities



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This event is brought to you by

Clarisse LIBENE

My name is Clarisse Bilongo Libene, business coach and strategist, speaker, writer and holistic practioner since 2010. I have created Afropreneuses Summit to offer Afropean Women a sacred space to learn, connect and build a strong tribe of bad ass women who want to take their business and life to the next level.

They were there

“I HAVE BEEN TRANSCENDED !!!” Event of great distinction with a perfect organisation ... The content of conferences! OMG ! If I do not triple my turnover this year, my name is not Estelle anymore. I met some talented women with whom I’m going to collaborate .... I look forward to being in the second edition Thanks again ❤️💪🏾 “
— Estelle, hair stylist
My Summit was six really interesting conferences that brought me what I had come for. I also had lunch surrounded by very interesting women with strong personalities. It was a real Women of Power lunch.
— Allaine, Blogger